Born in 1984 in Soviet Poland

In Soviet Poland we all had the same furniture, one teddy bear and wooden blocks. Everything was grey and beton. My grandmother had to get up at 4 am to take her place in a queue to buy the food. My father, engineer, was building stones for our house with his own hands, because he couldn’t afford ready ones.

My first lesson of capitalism in the grey soviet world

As a child I was surrounded by greenhouses full of dianthuses, flowers being a symbol of soviet reality. There in age of five, sweeping up paths I earned my first money, for each my dad bought a teddy bear with shinning eyes for me. My first lesson of capitalism.

I remember the time, when we were the only family, having colour TV. When my brother said to other kids that we have a computer home no one believed. A tour from school visited our house to see the computer for the first time in their life.

During the communism time travelling out of the Soviet Union was almost impossible. My father has never been to Western Europe. I often think about that taking another plane to another place of our continent.

Sovetic girl, Polish woman, Silesian speaker trying to understand modern Europe

Now, I am an economist and linguist specializing in Central and Eastern European languages. In every day life I am a freelancer, because freedom gives me the power to work. Although I live in a long-term relationship, I haven’t married yet and I don’t have children so far. My village Folks would say  I am an old maid.

For almost one year, I worked as a hotel auditor travelling around 12 countries of Europe, starting from Russia, through Balkans, Turkey, Germanic countries and ending in the UK. One year of lonely life on luggage was also a trip to myself, full of reflections about past and future, people and cultures, history, politics, and (or the most) full of thoughts about human relations.

Not long time ago I met my love, we live in three countries, travelling between Eastern, Northern and Western Europe.

I am a Sovetic girl, Polish woman, Silesian speaker with strong conservative background trying to understand modern world through the eyes of a citizen of Europe.

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