Last week I participated in a discussion about relationships between the Poles and foreigners. I had to answer the question if Polish people are open for such relationships. To find out the reply I checked the Civil Registration data and I discovered that only 1.8% of all marriages registered in Poland in 2014, were marriages with participation of a foreigner. By comparison in Germany it is over 11%. It means we are less open than our neighbours.

From all mixed marriages signed up in 2014, just 1/5 was initiated by men who selected women mainly from Ukraine, Russia or Belarus. It means Polish girls are definitely more open for a relationship with foreigner that men. Polish women were selecting the most often men from the UK, Germany, Italy, Ireland and France. Arrives the question, why Polish women are interested more in men from the Western Europe, while Polish men search for the girls behind our Eastern border?

After a small research I came to the conclusion that Polish women do not set as a life aim to find foreigner as a husband. Often we start to search between foreigners after a failure of relationship / marriage with a boyfriend / husband from Poland. The fact is that men from Western countries are simply “hunting” for the girls from Eastern Europe. Not only because we are attractive physically and taking care of ourselves. Women, at least from Poland, are recognized abroad as intelligent, warm, family-oriented, but also hot and spontaneous. For this reason Polish men it is hard to impress. One of my country mates, Olgatoja, gives a pretty good explanation of an Eastern European beauty (see a move up).