Tomorrow I go for a funeral of my best friend sister. She was 44 and had three children. Died from a heart attack. Last year, suddenly, the blood circulation of my mother stopped because of a … flu… I feel a bit crashed… However, my post is not going to be about the death, but about the search for happiness.

Polish society is famous, because a moan. We always complain about work, weather, our partners, or reality. Of course it is a generalization, as Poland is full of crazy, smiling and positive people. But still, I have the impression that with the age, people surrounding me, they have bigger and bigger problem to understand why they should feel happy.

If we are single with good work, we want to be like others, ground the family, have a house with garden and husband / wife inside, children, grandparents around etc, etc. If in the opposite, we managed to build a family, we always miss the beautiful free life, in big city, with travels to the places on the second part of the globe.

If we are poor, we dream about more money. When we are rich, we understand that when you have money and everything, but no more aim, you are empty. There is nothing.

The fact is, that happiness is like orgasm, mainly managed by your brain. In the life, if you have everything, good job, family, children and you are healthy, it is up to you, if you are going to reach happiness. If you are searching for unreachable, please take a lesson from that post. We are not immortal. Once you discover, you are ill, you will understand that you had many occasions to enjoy your happiness. Maybe it is enough to see what is arround?